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ADOBE After Effects & Premiere Pro NEW Beginner TUTORIAL



Hey Guys, we compiled a list of new Adobe After Effects video tutorials we thought you might like, check them out….

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Our Favorite Camera Tricks



Our Favourite Camera Tricks

Anyone can just snap a photo and be happy with it. But if you can just think a little before snapping it like, what if I moved the subject a little to right, maybe to the left, what if I crouch down or shoot it from the top. All of these thoughts can result in a better looking or give a completely new perspective to the image. Below we gathered some of the best tips and tricks that might turn up your photography game.

Out of focus foreground: In this trick your going
to need a tripod or something to hold your camera and a glass. So what you’r going to do is setup your camera on the tripod. Then place the glass directly infront of the lens. You need a 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm, or a 50mm lens. Your going to place
your subject where you want them to be. Now zoom in to about 65-70mm keeping your focus on the subject. Now what happens is that the glass works a foreground bokeh effect. The glass is completely out of focus. It doesn’t even look like a glass. This gives your photos more depth. You can use other things as well. For example: leaves, lighter(don’t use it too close to lens), flowing water, etc. Just get creative and start creating.

Shoot through something: Shooting your subject through another object gives a new perspective to the photo. Its such an easy technique yet many people don’t utilize it. Basically what you do is place something that has a kind of hole in ot infront of the lens and shoot your subject through it. It can be any lens and shoot your subject through it. It can be any thing you want. For example: handle of a cup, through a book, a keyhole, even maybe through your fingers.

A table lamp: If you don’t have a tripod, you can use a table lamp as an alternative. This is a very easy hack that you can do with a table lamp or a desk lamp, any lamp with a shade on it. What your going to do is unscrew the shade of the lamp. Then remove the shade. You can see that there is a thread sticking out. That thread is of the same size quarter 20 size as most of the cameras. Then you can just srew in your camera and there you go. You have just turned your lamp into a tripod.

A sunglass: You can use your sunglasses as a filter for your camera by placing it directly infront of the lens. You can get a different and unique looking photo by using it.

Flashlight of a phone: You can use your phone’s flashlight to create a fake light leak in your photos. You have to place your phone at the very edge of the lens which will look like as if you barely captured the light. The angle of the light leak depends on you. What type photo you’re taking and how it will look good is all up to you.

A shower curtain: You can use a shower curtain to soften the light. If you are using a light or a bulb to soften the light. If you are using a light or a bulb to light up your subject. That might look a little harsh on the subject. But if you put a shower curtain or any transparent cloth infront of the light, your photos will look much softer and better compared to directly hitting the light on a subject.

A chapstick: If you want to get a dreamy effect to your photos, all you need is a plastic bag and a chapstick. You are going to wrap the plastic bag around the lens and put chapstick on it. Keeping the middle part of the lens clean put chapstick all around the lens. In this way you can create a dreamy effect on your photos without post processing.

Different shapes of bokeh: The shape of the bokeh is normally seen round because the shape of the lens is round. But you can create different shapes of bokeh by using cardboard cutouts. What you’r going to do is cutout a small shape on the cardboard. It can be heart shape, flower, cloud, etc. Keeping the shape in the mid‐ dle of the lens you hold the cardboard directly infront of the lens. Then you can take out of focus photos of different lights and the shape will appear as the bokeh.

These are 8 easy DIY camera hacks that you can do at your home, office, studio whatever. By applying
the above mentioned techniques your photos will not just look different than others. Rather your photos will stand out among the rest. In this way you can leave your mark a photographer.

guest blogger @abid_fahad21

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