There are many different types of digital cameras… knowing the various functions of each kind will give you a better understanding of the digital camera world. This article will teach you about the basic functions of each digital camera and describes what makes them special. We can you help you make the best and most valuable purchase whether its for a present, a holiday gift, or to spoil yourself. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite digital cameras for the 2018 holiday season in our Holiday Camera Guide: click here to save money! — Learn from our full digital camera guide below:

Types of Digital Cameras

A point and shoot camera, also known as a compact camera, is a basic camera for beginners and people who want to capture quick photos on-the-go. In current times, the point and shoot digital camera is the most simple consumer grade camera on the market for new and casual users. Most compact cameras use auto-focus and automatic computer controlled systems for exposure and flash. Many point-and-shoots offer “superzoom” which is a 30-60x optical zoom. Some compact cameras operate on a rechargeable battery while other use disposable double or triple A batteries. When purchasing a point and shoot camera for the holidays or as a birthday gift, there are many things to consider. You will benefit from reading our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide….

Camcorders are basic video cameras for starters who are interested in the video world, or people that want to capture quick videos on-the-go. Currently, camcorders are the most basic consumer grade camera on the market for new and casual users. Camcorders in the current times offer many benefits like high definition capture, optical zoom and surround sound audio recording, and night-time video functions. Depending on what the use is for, it is important to find out what different camcorders are capable of; viewing our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide may help you out…

Mirrorless cameras are in high demand for semi-professional and full-time photographers. Mirrorless technology is new on the market and it is capable of producing fantastic images. A mirrorless camera offers lightweight dimensions and great professional quality images in a compact efficient design. In a mirrorless camera, light shines through the lens directly onto the sensor. Mirrorless cameras can deliver similar results to a DSLR camera. There is a debate over which camera, mirrorless vs. DSLR, will produce a better image, but it comes down to personal preference. Mirrorless cameras are capable of pulling manual focus, interchanging lenses, and give users the ability to take full advantage of the cameras sensor. There are a few things to consider when buying a mirrorless camera, our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide will lead you in a good direction…

Action cameras are perfect for outdoors and adventure enthusiasts. An action camera is a small video recorder built to capture quick motion and action videos. Commonly used in stunt videos and underwater scenes, action cameras are incredible at capturing images you could never normally capture. Since 2012, capturing outstanding videos with action cameras has been an increasing trend for many active camera enthusiasts. Most action cameras are high definition, have a wide angle or fisheye lens, and are capable of gripping onto almost anything. There is also an array of accessories available to purchase for action cameras; if the original brand doesn’t make it, a third-party company will. Not all action cameras are built the same and some are better than others depending on what types of activities you perform… view our Camera Buyers Guide to help you make the right purchase.

Security cameras will improve any infrastructure and will provide the greatest relief for anyone looking to keep things protected and secured. Security cameras offer technology and features created for advanced high surveillance video recording systems. A security system is recommended to anyone who take security serious. Digital security cameras offer many benefits such as infrared night-time recording, motion sensor audio and video capture, and live view access from your cellphone. Having a good security system is never a bad idea, but it is crucial to be aware of all the functions your cameras can perform and which will work best for you. View our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide….

Cellphone camera technology is very advanced in 2019 and gives anybody with access to a cellphone an incredibly powerful photography and film camera in the palm of their hands. Cellphones are the leader of the micro camera market. With nearly 3 billion cellphones worldwide, most current cellphones contain complex, physically designed cameras. Brands like Apple and Samsung have cornered the camera market and teamed up with the most advanced developers in the camera industry to bring you world class technology. Some cellphone cameras outperform better than others. If a cellphones camera is a deciding factor in your purchase, we recommend checking out our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide….

A DSLR Camera, also know as a digital single-lens reflux camera, is what most professional and advanced photographers use to capture their images on. DSLR cameras are great for photographers looking to get serious about their craft. A DSLR camera is the number one camera that an experienced digital photographer should be familiar with. DSLR cameras are the highest selling type of photography cameras in the market as they are the media industry standard and most relevant. In a mirrored DSLR camera, light shines in through the lens and is refracted off a mirror into the sensor. DSLR cameras offer incredible capabilities, give the user powerful control over the composition, sensor, and lens systems, and has advanced computer technology installed inside designed to produce the best image possible. DSLRs can range from average consumer pricing to advanced, expensive units for experienced enthusiasts, depending on what the photographer is looking for. Purchasing your first advanced and professional camera from the market can be tough and overwhelming so we have created our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide….

High-grade camcorders are powerful tools for experienced video producers and operators. Professional camcorders offer a wide dynamic of capabilities only available on advanced equipment. Professional camcorders are great for producers looking to get serious about their craft. High-grade camcorders are being overshadowed by many people using photography cameras like mirrorless and DSLRs to capture video, but it is not recommend for a serious video enthusiast. Professional camcorders capture video only and give users the tools necessary to create beautiful compositions. The professional camcorder is a highly purchased product in the market because they are the media industry standard and most commonly used. High-grade video camcorders give users powerful control over the videos composition and exposure, control of the frame rate, outstanding optical zoom functions, and advanced audio capabilities. Upgrading into the professional camcorder world is an exciting level up but before making a purchase, it is important to know exactly what you need. View our 2019 Camera Buyers Guide….

Knowing the various types of cameras and there abilities will offer a better understanding of the digital camera world. If making a purchase, we hope to have helped cleared things up for a novice photographer or anybody interested in our world.

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