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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions, if you would like to leave us a question, drop a message on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email us. Thank You!

Can I submit my own content??? Where?

Yes you can. Submit your content to our email address [email protected] ….. All original submissions can be attributed by the original creator and/or brand (tag your logo!)

How do you make your video FX?
We create most of the animations, but in older videos We sourced them on youtube, and uploaded them to get to you.

Can youΒ  make us a custom effect?
Maybe, If a comment on youtube gets a lot of good feedback we may make it. Also you can try tweeting us on Twitter (@stockfootagpls). Due to so many requests and inbox count, it is very hard to keep up with inquiries. It will be easier to reach us through our email [email protected] because it filters out the spam messages etc. The further you go to reach us, the more likely it will get made. Best chance would be to send us an email!

What programs do you use?
We mainly adobe After Effects, but occasionally iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or on Windows, Sony Vegas and more.

How did you learn to create all this stuff?
We are self taught. We also picked up a lot of stuff from lots of tutorials and so on. Andrew Kramer over at is a great compositer to learn from.

What am I supposed to do with this content....?
USE YOUR IMAGINATION! and If you don’t like it don’t bother commenting, just unsubscribe!

Can you teach how to ……?
Send us an email and we may be able to respond back with some help.

How am I supposed to use this! It’s on a purple background instead of a green or blue?
IT WILL KEY OUT NORMALLY! The only reason it’s on a different color background, is because it needs to be a contrasting color!

Can I use this video?
Most of our footage is considered royalty-free and fair use! Meaning you can use it all you want… we created a lot in Adobe After Effects! If you are not sure about the permissions of a certain video, simply write us a message! [email protected]

Still got a question?Β Leave it in the comment box down below and we will try to answer it!


After 10 years in the business, we understand what real growth means. We started as a YouTube channel in 2009 to publish all the effects we created inside of media programs. We grew a little bit.

After one year and a few viral videos, we decided to create a Twitter and a website; we started out on blogger. πŸ“ˆ Then we grew a bit more.

Three years later, we rebranded into StockFootage+, a place to continue uploading the effects we create, but also all of the beautiful video clips we get sent to us, free content sourced across the web and videos captured with our own gearπŸŽ₯.Then we grew some more.

We became a resource, providing free stock footage, video effects and valuable content for other content creators like usπŸ€™πŸΎ

Five years later, tons of hard work, more videos, and some more blog posts, we went back under constructionπŸ”¨. We’ve created a community and have now joined Vimeo, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook, along our other networks like Youtube, our first love πŸ’•and original platform. Reaching millions across the globe, we are connecting creators to others valuable knowledge, skills and techniques that will take their craft to the next level…

We offer state-of-the-art information and always keep up with the changing times. Our community of experts know exactly what they are doingπŸ“š.

We have now built a network of over 10,000 creators β€” Grow with us as we develop in the media and business world! 🌍

Stop by our communityπŸ“² β€” Say hello or share your two cents…

Thanks for joining us and we hope to stay connected!

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