Over ten years, our brand Stock Footage + has been super successful.

The number one way to sell stock footage is through brand. Building a brand is the number one way to establish a long term relationship with your customer and a long term career in the film industry. After 10 years in this industry, I find that the best media brands are super niche. My brand started out as specifically chroma-key animations… over the course of ten years we’ve expanded into a huge library of content covering a range of categories.

The best signature stock media brands offer a certain flavor of content, like a tattoo artist does with his art. Distributing your library across several different social media platforms is a great strategy when building the infrastructure of your stock media brand. Establishing a theme across your content is the best way to go. A great way to monetize a stock footage brand is to run advertisements over your content; if you can get enough views or engagement in your niche there is space to run advertisement and sponsorship deals. When you have a website up and running you can get paid for sponsored posts and features — you can get paid to test out and review cameras and new equipment.

The main goal is to increase the value of your stock footage brand. We encourage that if you are looking to create a stock footage brand and you are passionate about film to stay active in a community. We have built a community for beginner and advanced veterans in search of more knowledge. On top of advertising you will be selling stock footage. You can also sell special effects, e-courses, and accessories.

Written word content is a great way to increase the value behind your brand by writing about things that matter. Alongside of monetization through marketing, another tactic to building a stock media brand is to provide valuable substance on top of your content. Another monetize technique is through affiliate links and authorized reselling. Selling other brands products. Big brands will offer you a certain percentage of sales and sometimes a special offers when you become a seller for their product through your website.

With patience and hard work a stock media brand can be a super successful idea, and with the right leverage you can create an actual recurring revenue stream.

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